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The Birth of a Slogan: "Far From It, Yet Close To Everything!"

We tried several different slogans to capture the fresh, refined essence of Gaia’s Pearl. Some other considerations were “Flawless”, “Experience the Exceptional” and “Easy and Elegant.”

We decided on the slogan “Far from it, yet close to everything” because it captured three key ingredients, the spectacular 270 degree views, the fact we are not your typical Caribbean luxury villa and Gaia’s Pearl is as close to, if not closer to Cruz Bay as any other luxury villa on St. John.

Far from it -

Is Gaia’s Pearl your typical caribbean villa? No, far from it.

Is Gaia’s Pearl decorated in the typical island decor? No, far from it.

Is Gaia’s Pearl difficult to get to? No, far from it.

Does Gaia’s Pearl have the typical, sparsely furnished kitchen with a hodgepodge of utensils, glasses, cookware and dull knives? No, far from it.

Is the view from Gaia’s Pearl the typical hillside and valley that leads to the ocean? No, far from it.

Gaia’s Pearl feels like you are nestled in a private community far from the traffic, shopping and civilization, in general . . .

Yet, close to everything -

Gaia’s Pearl is a 4 minute drive to the Starfish Market for all of your grocery needs.

Gaia’s Pearl is 6 minutes to some of the island’s best restaurants, The Longboard, Morgan's Mango, La Tapa, Extra Virgin Bistro, Dave and Jerry’s Island Steakhouse, Cafe Roma and several others.

Gaia’s Pearl is 7 minutes to Cruz Bay Beach and some of our favorite watering holes, Drink, The Beach Bar, Joe’s Rum Hut, High Tide.

Gaia’s Pearl is 8 minutes from a great breakfast spot that also plays live music at night, Cruz Bay Landing and also 8 minutes from Mongoose Junction, a great collection of shops and restaurants including the office of our architect, Michael Milne of Barefoot Design Group.

Gaia’s Pearl is 10 minutes to the path that leads us to one of our favorite beaches, Honeymoon, and another 3 minutes from there to Hawk’s Nest and another 5 beyond that to Trunk Bay.

I think you get the idea; Gaia’s Pearl is indeed “Far from it, yet close to everything.”

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