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Sustainable Island Living

We have but one earth; treat her gently.


In keeping with the idea that Gaia is "the Life Force of the Earth whose essence keeps it alive", we at Gaia’s Pearl have gone above and beyond to provide amenities that encourage sustainable living for the whole earth. 

What we have done

The use of solar power to “electrify our villa.” We could have started small and added on. Instead, we elected to make all major appliances, the bedroom A/Cs and the pool pump run on solar power from the beginning.


Our 45 foot infinity edge pool uses  a saline based system to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. 


Furniture was selected based on its all natural wood composition. Where practical, manufacturers were selected that practiced Fair Trade.

Our landscaper, Coral Bay Organic Farm and Garden Center, grows their plants in natural soil and is 100% organic.

Our plants are irrigated by a water-saving drip system from the septic tank. 


Every attempt was made to select linens that were Eco-friendly certified. 


The cleaning products and detergents used in the house are as eco-friendly as possible.

What you can do to help

It's easy to do your part and still live luxuriously.


Turn off all electronics and appliances when not in use.

Keep A/C units set to 72 degrees or higher.

Use the living area A/C units only when the main doors are closed. (We think you'll find when the Leeward and poolside sliders are open, the breeze will be enough to create a comfortable environment.)

Preheat the oven and grill only for as long as is necessary.

Run the dishwasher only when full.

Reuse towels so as to eliminate the frequency of washing.

Turn off water while brushing your teeth, or shaving.

On June 25, 2019 the Governor and the Legislature made history when they passed legislation banning sunscreens containing the worst reef impacting chemicals. This ban went into full effect on July 20, 2019. It bans the sale and use of non reef safe sunscreens within the Territory. Please use reef safe suntan lotions.

The use of regular oils and lotions destroys our ocean life, one of the main reasons people come to our beautiful island. If you brought them with you, please refrain from using.

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